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6x07, Family Matters

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Sometimes I wish I could say the words. 
Wish I knew how to let you in. 
How to hurt you back. 
How to make you stay. 
How to say goodbye...

For Noelle 

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 8x10, Torn and Frayed 

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The Dating Rules


Rule#1 If I could have birthed you, we are never having sex. Ever.

Rule#2 If you dated one of my girlfriends we are never having sex or dating ever. You are off limits. 

Rule #3 Do not date co-workers

Rule #4 Do not date blue eyed men; they can not be trusted

Rule #5 Do not date Actors

Rule #7 Do not date married men unless they are married to you

Rule #8 If I could have birthed you, I can call you kiddo

Rule #9 Do not date men who have had more than 4 wives (See Rule #5)

Rule #10 Do not date anyone who looks at their phone more than they look at YOU

(credit the-mark-of-eshcaine)

#kudos to hiddles for putting this together so beautifully #hiddlesnatural #my dating rules