And I don't know if I love you more Than the way you used to love me

And I don't know if I need you more Than the way you used to need me but it's

I have this empty space beside me where you should be.

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REBLOG if you LOVE Genevieve Padalecki, Danneel Ackles & Vicki Vantoch!!

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the-mark-of-eshcaine sent: hobbies: DJing and writing fanfic. things I like: grumpy angels in trenchcoats, awesome brothers saving people and hunting things, snarky demons, bouncy disc jockeys. things I dislike: sad pandas, hunters dying, vengeful spirits and bad economies. gender preferences: dudes who can handle smart sassy women. =D I hope you tell us all of yours!


You seem absolutely lovely!! :D Ha I’d say all of mine, but I talk too much xD Plus, this is all about you now cutie ;)

Species: Human

Best Friend: Castiel

Lover: Dean Winchester

How you both met: You were sitting outside of a cafe in the hot California sun. You were doing kickass mixes in your laptop with your headphones on. The waiter of the cafe finally brings you your food but he accidentally startled you and in the moment pulled out the cord from your headphones out, letting your music blast out from the speakers. You quickly turned down the volume, but it wasn’t quick enough because someone heard you, and they liked what they heard. Dean was walking by the cafe when he heard your music, but he wasn’t only impressed by the music, he also liked the beautiful woman he saw. So naturally, Dean attempts to use one of his pick up lines on you. He quickly realized though, that you weren’t like everyone else, you were special.

Your song (shuffled from my iPod) : Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses

Want one?!

blacklist “hunter profiles” if you don’t wanna see these ;)

ohmygosh with was tremendously amazing!! thank you! you’re so lovely and awesome (*‿*✿)


You don’t think you deserve to be saved…

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